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  1. Eke

    Hi kristina,

    We met at the pool last week. I was the student doing a marketing project with two colleagues here.
    As promised I visited your blog and I love it. Very nice pictures and great advise on sightseeing.
    Unfortunately Friday foodie market is already closed and will only reopen on October. So too bad.
    I went with my friend to the dubai museum and bastakya area. Very nice place to go but it was rather empty. Is that always in summer or only at night? I saw your pictures from there, it would be great to go there if there is something going on.
    Anyway, I am gonna keep checking your blog for new things and if you want please keep me updated about any new things coming up in dubai. Like a pop up market for example. Would love to explore the city more!
    Thanks and see you soon at the pool! Cheers eke

    • Hi Eke!
      I’m happy I heard from you! And thank you for your sweet words
      regarding my blog 🙂
      I will keep you posted about new things in Dubai…meanwhile enjoy your stay!
      See you at the pool 🙂


  2. Ljiljana

    Hello there, I have just found your blog. You are doing a great job. So inspirational. I have a question regarding your job – where can I see a bit more of your jewleries. Would love to getsome of it for next summer.
    I live in Denmark and am from Croatia. Do not have my own blog but thinking about starting one. You have inspired me. 🙂 Thank you for that.
    All the best to you.

    • Hi Ljiljana, thank you so much for your sweet message. I really appreciate it, you made my day as well 🙂 Thank you! I’m glad I inspired you to start blog gand once you do please let me know!
      Regarding Efhi jewelry…you can check the latest collection on Facebook and Instagram:
      FB –
      You can also contact me by email at if you’ll need more information. Soon Efhi jewelry will have an online shop so please stay tuned.
      I hope you’re enjoying Denmark…I would love to visit it one day.
      Best regards,

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