Hi and thanks for dropping by.

My name is Kristina Kordic and I’m the founder and editor of the My little notebook blog.

My little notebook is where I share mostly things I like, information I find useful to my

audience in United Arab Emirates (where I live), Croatia (where I come from), Lebanon (where

I often travel to visit our family) and around the globe, my ideas for every day living

and occasional entertaining, for the love of kids world, for the passion of photography and for

the art of travelling. I hope this blog will interest you, inspire you, intrigue you, show you some

of the nicest places on earth and most of all amuse you.


In October 2008 I left my hometown Zagreb where I worked for several years as PR and Training

manager for Dior – Croatia. I also worked as a free lance travel journalist for magazines

Moja 4 zida and Putovanja za dvoje.


In February 2015 I launched my own jewelry brand efhi jewelry. Driven by desire for creativity,

beauty and all things unique I started designing and making jewelry pieces for chic women with

distinguished style who are looking for delicate, sophisticated and innovative bracelets, necklaces

and earrings. You can find efhi jewelry on Facebook and Instagram.


Today I live in Dubai with my husband Wissam and our son Alexander.


Love, Kristina Kordic


  1. Tajana

    My dear,
    just started to explore your new “baby” and it seems amazing – just as you! Love you, Tajana

  2. Lili Mihovilovic

    Dear Kristina,

    love your blog, stunning photos and info, congratulations.


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