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Barcelona in 24 hours

Traveling with children can be challenging at times but also very rewarding and so

much fun. When we booked our trip to Spain for my sister-in-law’s wedding we

thought of extending our stay for few days and what’s better place to enjoy while

in Spain than Barcelona! I know Barcelona is a personal favourite of many people

so I wanted to give it another chance. I’ve been to the city two decades ago and I

didn’t fall in love with it, to tell the truth. Years later and with this in mind  I was

really looking forward to visiting highly celebrated city one more time and letting

it seduce me with its famed charm.

Our six years old had a plan for us. Before we even booked our hotel  room

(Praktik Hotels) he insisted on booking us all for the city tour on a Hop-on  Hop-off Bus.

With the small  amount of time had to ourselves, we thought that could actually

be a very good idea!

We drove all around the city for ten hours with few hop offs here and there, it was

interesting to observe the city from the upper deck giving the whole city a new

perspective. Sights were mesmerising, food was delicious (as expected) and street life

was the loveliest. Mild September’s sun was mild too.

Barcelona played its charm on me well, I will return…


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