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Who still reads old-fashioned guides?

If you want to explore any city (whether you live in it or ย you travel to) like locals,

you must check out Townske.


Townske is a platform that enables locals across the globe to create and share their

own city guides. It’s simple to use, great source of information with plenty of beautiful

photography. The idea behind Townske is to help travellers get that real experience by

providing them with city guides from locals -most of them are travel bloggers and

Instagrammers that the Townske team hand-picked. You don’t need to end up in a chain

cafe while traveling anymore!


Townske app can be downloaded on your ipad or iphone, it’s easy and enjoyable to use.

You can find My little notebook’s CITY GUIDES on Townske too, we’re very pleased to

be part of the Townske ever growing community.


“Have fun and feel like a local in any city in the world” – Townske team


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