Entertaining|Things I do::PASTORAL SUMMER (part 2)

21-2016-09-202415-2016-09-201808-2016-09-201123-2016-09-202618-2016-09-202234-2016-09-2037lake bohinj before sunset29-2016-09-203233-2016-09-203627-2016-09-203028-2016-09-2031


Pastoral summer in Bohinj


Slovenia is European country full of natural beauties. This is why I love to

go back to it in summers. Winters must be as beautiful too…


Things to do in Bohinj:

  1. Cycle around Lake Bohinj
  2. Go for a walk to the magnificent Savica waterfall 
  3. Take a photo of the medieval postcard-like church of St.John the Baptist
  4. Do the zipline Bohinj and feel adrenalin
  5. Taste traditional farmhouse cooking like barley porridge with beans and sausage
  6. Row a canoe on the lake Bohinj
  7. Take a cable car trip up the mountain (Vogel) for some amazing view of the lake
  8. Pick wild strawberries in summer









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