Travel|Featured hot spot::Chambres d’amis in Marrakesh

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Chambres d’ amis

Whether you’re looking for a quiet oasis in the heart of Marrakesh or you’re looking

for a memorable stay in a tasteful hotel with a character – you’ve found it!


Chambres d’amis is an inspiring place with a very relaxed and serene ambience

designed for visitors who appreciate simple, small, style, unique, shabby and

 feel at home atmosphere. Only few meters away from the hectic square Jemaa El Fna,

this cosy hotel welcomes visitors from around the world since 2001 and mostly

women. Why mostly women? Well, I guess one of the reasons could be that women

feel very safe, relaxed and well taken care of at Chambres d’amis even if they

travel on their own. There are few events and special offers throughout a year

that bring women together, like cool crochet workshop, cooking workshop or

Elle travel offer. You can learn more about these offers and events here and here.

However, Chambres d’amis welcomes everyone!


I picked room number 3 to stay in, it was on the first floor, spacious enough and

beautifully decorated in white and silver with small colourful details here and there.

Everything at Chambres d’amis was to my taste, but the rooftop terrace made my

heart jump. It is a green oasis on top of the riad, truly delightful place with

gorgeous greenery, beautiful decor and chill-out atmosphere. I could have

sipped my mint tea here for hours…



..Chambres d’amis



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