Travel|Featured hot spot:: JARDIN MAJORELLE IN MARRAKESH

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Majorelle Blue

Although my brother-in-law would disagree with me, I find Jardin Majorelle as one of the

most beautiful gardens I’ve ever visited. That blue colour! Those gigantic bougainvilleas!

Gorgeous cacti! Stunning art-deco villa! AND…a coffee shop with Fermob chairs and

tables! That beautiful place looks just perfect to me and I would happily suggest that

you go visit it if you’ll have a chance. (I’m sure my sister-in-law would agree with me!)


If I was a rich girl I would have purchased that beautiful garden as Yves Saint Laurent did

in 1980 when he fell in love with it. The Jardin Majorelle is situated in a peaceful area

of Marrakesh city not far from the bustling  Jemaa-el-Fna. Rare plants from five

continents grow in the shadow of a cobalt-blue villa  (Villa Oasis) built in 1930 by painter

Jacques Majorelle. Fountains and ponds gather curious visitors to admire the beauty

of the meticulously designed botanical garden under the Moroccan sun, as well as

numerous bird species.


Most likely you won’t spend a whole day here, but an hour or so to wander around the

garden will give you a nice break and will put your mind at peace. Also on site is the

Berber Museum and a boutique with its pricey souvenirs and decorating items.


Across the street from Jardin Majorelle there’s a lovely concept store

called 33 Rue Majorelle – part boutique, part art gallery, part cafe – it’s African

equivalent of Colette in Europe.




..Jardin Majorelle



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