Entertainin|Mood board:: WINTER WONDERLAND



Winter Wonderland

Joyful and prosperous New Year everyone!

Honestly I’ve been occupied with other things lately and for a while I stepped away

from blogging. I’m sorry if you missed me ๐Ÿ™‚

It’s a brand new year and I’m full of ideas and lots of plansย for 2016, so I’d better

roll that ball and keep/start sharing my daily inspirations and interesting finds with

all of ย you lovely people!

2015 was fine, it was great actually!, ย but now it’s gone and I don’t wish to

blablaba about it anymore. Lessons were learned, trips were taken, friendships

were ended or reinforced, blessings were accepted, fruits were harvested, bills were

paid…now let’s see what 2016 will be like. There’s no way but up!


I’ve launched my jewelry brand last year in March *Efhi jewelry* and I’ve been

walking a pretty challenging road ever since. However I’m enjoying every step

of it! I’m grateful for doing what I like and I’m happy to share the results of my

work with my family.



{image sources}: animal in winter; wooden house in snow; snowball; snowman and

a little bird; frozen nature; ski lift; skiing in deep snow; getting warm in front of a

fireplace; heart made of snow; snowangels; ski resort; magical winter wonderland.







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