Entertaining| NEWSFLASH:: SICFF 2015

sicff animation films

Sharjah International Children’s Film Festival 2015

Don’t miss the third edition of the biggest children film festival in the country and

the region – SICFF – which is dedicated to enhance media literacy of children and

young people, foster children’s creativity and showcase the very best in filmmaking

for, by and about children and young people.


Power their imagination.


SICFF’s  objectives are to educate children and youth of UAE about film and cinema,

to expose them to international cultures and traditions from all over the world through

cinema, to promote peace, tolerance and global understanding of how people from

different cultures, religions and backgrounds live together in the world, to train

children to be future film makers by exposing them to creative, inspirational film makers.

Various workshops and programs are scheduled for children at three venues in

Sharjah, UAE. 175 films to participate.


Sharjah International Children’s Film Festival will run from 18 to 23 October 2015.

Save the date because it is going to be fun for everyone!


You can download the workshops schedule and programs here.






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