Kids|Little fashionista:: MINI RODINI

mini rodini for girls mini rodini for children clothes with patterns for boys mini rodini 2015 for girls little fashionista mini rodini

Mini Rodini – everything is possible!

Mini Rodini takes children seriously. This Swedish brand for little people ( 0-11years)

has a strong sense for children’s imagination. Mini Rodini collections are always playful,

colorful and very much recognizable by original and humorous patterns. Their garments

are not only fun to wear or just look at, but are also produced with the high quality organic

cotton and they are environmentally friendly.

Mini Rodini Spring/Summer 2015 collection is quirky and fun, just like its name –

See you later Alligator. It is all made of 96% sustainable materials. Mini Rodini summer is

all about bright colors – sunny yellow sunset pink, Florida orange and ocean blue, in a variety

of prints. Their spring and summer are inspired by the fishy life under the aquatic surface –

mermaids, whales, dolphins, sea birds and crocodiles. The swim collection is super fancy and

made from the finest weave, recycled from PET bottles and other plastic waste.

Impressive, isn’t it ?!

..Mini Rodini 


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