designer handmade jewelry

Efhi jewelry – delicate and innovative


Hi, I am Kristina Kordic, Efhi jewelry designer and maker.

Wearing jewelry was always my passion and making jewelry began as a part-time job in

the beginning of  2015. Now I do what I love and I love what I do so I consider myself

very lucky.


Efhi jewelry is delicate, sophisticated and innovative designer jewelry that is forever

changing and evolving. All pieces from Efhi jewelry collections are unique, designed

and handmade by me in Dubai with finest glass beads, vintage and tribal beads, crystals,

sterling silver, wood, silk, suede leather, semi precious stones and anything else that can

be combined together.  I design jewelry for chic women with distinguished style who

appreciate unique and timeless. I hope you like it.


Efhi jewelry collections reflects my personality, my passions for colors, for mix of old

and new and out of the box style. It could be described as collision of urban, bohemian,

playful and absolutely eclectic featuring stacking bracelets, beautiful earrings, layered

necklaces and every day pieces. Minimal and so feminine, Efhi jewelry adds a little

something to every outfit.


1. Efhi jewelry fish necklaces are designed for all girls and women who are in love with

summer, ocean and color ruby. Glass fish is hanging on a durable cord in various colors.

2. Each Efhi jewelry bracelet is unique and handmade of the finest materials. It is all

about mix and matching.

3. Twinkle collection is made of the finest matte Japanese glass beads and white/yellow

gold-plated tiny glass beads that give these necklaces magical sparkle. They come in pastel

colors and in black.

4. Boho summer bracelets are playful and colorful, made of glass beads and handmade tassels.

5. These Efhi jewelry bracelets are perfect for the arm candy trend. They are all unique pieces

and made of candy-like glass beads and crystals.

6. Efhi jewelry Twinkle earrings come in pastel colors, they’re mix of new and vintage.

And Efhi’s bestsellers!

7. Gold filled and glass beads Kaleidoscope earrings could come in various colors.

8. Efhi jewelry Kaleidoscope collection appeal to modern women looking for statement

jewelry with an ethno feel.

9. Like every woman, these delicate and elegant Uniqa bracelets are all unique pieces.

10. Efhi jewelry spring/summer 2015 collection in pastel colors. All products are limited


11. Boho summer necklace in white with colorful handmade tassels. For a girl within every


12. Kaleidoscope earrings exist in different colors and drop shape.

13. These wrap glass bead necklaces could be wrapped once or twice around the neck, or

many times around the wrist to create a versatile look. The perfect necklaces for layering.

Tiny crystals create a sparkle!


Please have a look at Efhi jewelry collections on Facebook or Instagram . If you can’t find

what you’re looking for get in touch with the designer (me!) and order a custom-made

item just for you. ONLINE SHOP…COMING SOON!



..Efhi jewelry Facebook 

..Efhi jewelry Instagram



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