Entertaining|Things I do:: EASTER AT HOME

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Easter at our home

Spring is knocking at the door. Easter is just around the corner.

The table set with food for family and friends always makes it a good start to Easter.

I like decorated Easter brunches and that’s how we usually start bringing Easter to our home.

I make my own versions with two little helping hands. To make the Easter atmosphere complete,

there are of course some fresh flowers, chocolate bunnies and eggs and lots of baby chicks

around the house. They are such an inspiration and joy!

We have the most delightful tradition on Easter every year, we invite friends (despite their religion

and nation) to our home and we celebrate Easter together. Traditional food adorns the table,

from the Greek Easter bread that my grandma used to make, home made preserves, spring salads

and Easter carrot cake.

This year I’m thinking of organizing an Easter hunt for children, it is so much fun!

I’m completely in love with these Easter eggs so I’ll try my best  to move from red-blue-green-


What is your favorite Easter tradition? Have you switched to Easter mood already?

This week will be all about Easter, eggs and…our spring vacation. Wish you beautiful days!


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