Entertaining|Things I do: I LOVE DESERT

hippie van in a desert dubai friends portrait of a boy and a camel dubai desert playing french game called petang in  a desert car rescue in a desert camels in a desert playing with children national geographic kids girls talking to camels uae desert fauna of a desert little boy playing with a camel friends in a desert uae desert adventure desert with a dog bonfire in a desert

What happens in a desert

What happens in a desert stays engraved in your heart and memory for always. Desert enriches

you in every possible way, it brings you closer to nature and your inner self.  And even if you move

miles away from it, nothing can wash out the desert sand you’ve tasted once.

I love desert.

Every time we gathered in the desert with our friends and family we had an amazing time. And each

time it seemed better than the previous time. We play, we talk to camels, we fly kites, we explore

the endless dunes and admire its peace and quiet, we do bonfire, we sing and we dance…and

whatever we do we enjoy the moment.

I love desert…

(For Ellie and Sami)


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