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Let’s have a spooktacular Halloween


It’s that time of year again…Boo!

I’m sharing with you some silly and creepy ideas to spruce up your home for Halloween.

Such a fun and exciting day for kids isn’t it? I must admit I didn’t fully appreciate the holiday

until I had a child on my own. As a kid I never celebrated Halloween because it is not common

in Croatia. I would have loved it though.

With Halloween coming up in just a few weeks let’s waste no time in starting some projects

and getting the costume done. Keep it simple with DIY party decorations and fun games

for children, large carved pumpkin and irresistible spooky cakes, cookies and candies.

However, if you want to avoid holiday sugar overdose try making these cute pumpkins

(clementines) and ghosts (bananas) instead.


Let’s get scared!




{image souces}: featured image – spooktacular chocolate haunted house cake, bats biscuits…why not?!,
DIY cardboard box spiders as decoration, pumpkin chocolate spiderweb tart for the party, children’s
Halloween dinner party should be colorful and fun, dress up your front door with bats, Halloween
doesn’t have to be all about candies – here are some healthy snacks and spooky ideas, make your own
treat bags for for trick or treat, nice end elegant cut out pumpkin idea, how cute are these meringue ghosts,
come up with some fun Halloween games for children, BOO banner to add spookiness at your home. 

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