Entertaining|Things I do:: TOUR THE VIS ISLAND – PART 3

croatian wine from the island Vis is well known2014-08-0364mother and her son in black and white, vis mala trovnastunning croatian house on Vis islandin the fields of olive trees and lavanderStone house, villa on the Vis islandVW vintage car in lila colorwoman on Vis island walking her sheepsBeautiful and exotic white flower found in Croatiayellow beetle VW convertible on Vis islandSpectacular view of Vis harbour and Adriatic sea in Croatiapine forest on Vis in CroatiaFather and son going to the Srebrna beach on the Vis island in Croatia


Vis island – its hills, pines, bees, vineyards, olive trees…


The hills of Vis island are stunning. The vegetation on the island is the most amazing

green, decorated with lavender, bougainvillea and passion flowers.


It was a lovely, relaxing week. The highlight of the trip was probably Srebrna (silver)

beach and its gorgeous pine forest and Mala Travna bay at sunset.  It’s no longer secret

that I LOVE Vis island and I highly recommend visiting if you are heading over that way

in the near future.


There is so much to see and experience on the Vis island, we will definitely be back

in the near future. Here the sound of the crickets, silence and the sound of the waves

are in perfect harmony. The intoxicating scent in the air is a mix of pine, lavender,

rosemary, bays leave, carob and palm trees. I wish I could have captured that scent in

a bottle and carry it with me back home.



You can find more photos and read about  Vis in my previous posts: Tour the Vis island – part 1

and Tour the Vis island – part 2



  1. ALIDA

    Kiki, malo čitam, malo gledam tvoje predivne fotke. Stvarno si talentirana, baš sam se inspirirala. Ide mi se i na Vis i u Dubrovnik. Uvijek se tješim da mi objektiv mije dobar….ali sad već sumnjam.

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