Entertaining|Things I do:: TOUR THE VIS ISLAND – PART 2

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Vis island – Komiza and Vis town


There was a debate among my friends before I traveled to Vis island – which town is more

beautiful, Komiza or Vis? Without previously visiting the island, I picked Komiza as our base

and I booked an apartment at Villa Nonna. After all, I was very happy with my choice!

Not because Vis town is less beautiful than Komiza, they’re equally pretty and attractive to first

 time visitors. However, Komiza is a bit more to my taste , smaller and cozier.


Komiza is a lovely picturesque town on the western coast of the island Vis with typical

Mediterranean flavor. Residents of Komiza are mostly proud fishermen  (in the past Komiza

was a village where fishing on the Adriatic Sea was actually born)  and their families.

Red roofs and stone houses decorated with bougainvillea flowers, small coffee shops at the main

promenade, children playing on streets and fishing in the harbour, small boats waiting to depart

to Blue Grotto on tiny Bisevo island, hundreds years old carob trees, laundry getting dry on strings,

gravel beaches along the coast of the bay of Komiza with sources of drinking water, excellent

restaurants serving local cuisine…In fact I think I can safely say for a small town like Komiza –

it has it all, and everything is within a walking distance.


Few suggestions while in Komiza:

..have an early start to get some fresh fish from the fishermen

..relax at Kamenice beach and enjoy its beautiful natural surroundings

..dine by the sea at Konoba Bako or eat lobsters at the unique Jastozera restaurant

..get lost (preferably with your camera) in the labyrinth of narrow streets of cobblestones (old town)

..hop on a boat to tiny Bisevo island 

..mingle with hipsters at newly opened restaurant Fabrika

..spend an active day sea kayaking, sailing, paragliding or hiking (www.alternatura.hr)


Vis town lies on the northeastern coast and it’s the oldest settlement on the island. Compared

to Komiza, Vis town is bigger in size and more crowded with tourists and yachts. Despite its

popularity, Vis town kept the old Mediterranean charm and easy-going lifestyle. There are many

gorgeous houses in the old town, palaces and fortresses. Some of the finest restaurants could be

found in Vis (especially around Kut), and lovely coffee shops where you can drink the most pleasant

coffee in the early mornings. One of the nicest beaches in the town is Grandovac beach surrounded

by tamarisk trees providing shade on hot summer days.


Few suggestions while in Vis town:

..drink some excellent local wine made from white grape variety called Vugava or the red wine Plavac

..walk along the promenade in the old town of Vis towards Kut and Lucica (approx 30 min walk)

..have the best pizza in town at Karijola

..rent a scooter and go for a scenic ride with dramatic views of Adriatic sea and Vis harbour

..book a table at fish taverna Kantun or a romantic dinner at the upmarket restaurant Villa Kaliopa

..don’t leave the island without trying Viska pogaca and Hib (fig’s cake)

..watch a movie under the stars in the Vis’ open air cinema

..have a cocktail in the finest bar in the town called Lambik, down in Kut



Summers are always special and that’s why we love them, don’t we?



You can read more about the island in my previous post – Tour the Vis island – part 1.

And how we got there.




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