Entertaining|Things I do:: TOUR THE VIS ISLAND – PART 1

about to jump into the seacolors fading from an old fishing boat in Vis, Croatiathree women reading books at a beach black sea urchin found in Adriatic sea in Croatiacrystal clear water of Adriatic sea is perfect for summer vacationa boy and a girl playing in Adriatic seaCroatian paradisebeautful bays and beaches of Vis islandlittle boy exploring flora on Vis islandKomiza town on Vis island in Croatia Mala Trovna at sunset washed in beautiful pastel colorsa man walking by the sea and passing by agave plant2014-08-0357family summer on island Vishues of pastel summerpastel hues of sunset on Vis island


Vis island – its bays, sea, beaches, sky, rocks…


If I were asked to describe Vis island in one word only, what word would it be?


pure…relaxing…? Undoubtedly Vis is all that and much much more, but one has to go

to the island and witness its seductive charm, its wealth and beauties and experience

the mediterranean as it used to be to know exactly what I’m talking about.

I fell in love with Vis.


I haven’t visited all of the Croatian islands (there’s quite a lot!) but from what I’ve seen

so far I can tell you Vis is beyond the shadow of a doubt one of the most beautiful and

unique islands. What I liked and appreciated the most about Vis is its nature, lush

green hills and crystal clear sea water, beautiful pine trees and their scents, never-ending

cricket sounds and colorful butterflies, fields of olive trees and vineyards, stunning views

of deep blue Adriatic sea and pastel hues at sunset. Fairly speaking Vis island has it all.


My favorite part of the island was its south coast with beautiful bays and secluded beaches,

few hidden gems revealed by our friends (like Mala Travna and Senko Karuza’s restaurant)

and the town of Komiza where we stayed for the whole week at Villa Nonna.

I also enjoyed reading my book under a pine tree and watching the boys snorkelling at

Srebrna (silver) beach, the most stunning place on the island.


For all of you who have never traveled to Vis island…and for the rest of you who’s been

there once….or many times before…let me share with you this piece of paradise.



To continue, read Tour the Vis island – part 2.

Here is how we got there.





  1. Croatia is A M A Z I N G and so beautiful! This year was the first time that I don’t go there on vacation during summer. Maybe next year 🙂

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  4. Scott Stone

    I enjoyed reading your comments on Vis. My wife and I will be going to Croatia in October – and Vis sounds like the ideal place – beautiful, steeped in rich culture and not over hyped with tourists. Where are you from? Your pictures a re fantastic. I am from New York. Thanks, Scott

    • Hi Scott! Thanks for passing by and dropping this msg,you’re very kind. I’m from Croatia, I hope you and your wife will enjoy my country. I hope to visit your city one day…hopefully soon! 🙂 Let me know if you need some tips regarding your trip to Croatia in October. All the best, Kristina

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