Movies… soon to be released, and I’m looking forward to


September has always been my favorite month of the year. Among other reasons, I love

September because new movies are coming to theaters, and usually much better movies

than those during summer months. Although I’m not going to the cinema as often as I

would like to, I do watch movies on a weekly basis from the most comfortable sofa in town,

and in the best company. With lots of popcorn, too!


As a quite big movie fan I’m pretty much excited about the new releases. Here is the list of

movies I won’t miss for the world. You might like some of them:


1.Boyhood (August 2014) – Ethan Hawke and Patricia Arquette in a groundbreaking story

of a boy who literally grows up on screen before our eyes.

2.The hundred-foot journey ( August 2014) – South of France, cooking, beautiful photography,

colors of India…I couldn’t ask for more in one movie!

3.The boxtrolls (September 2014) – a stop-motion animated adventure from the makers of

Coraline. Looks creepy and fun!

4.Fifty shades of grey (February 2015) – the hotly anticipated film adaptation of the bestselling

trilogy books that has become a global phenomenon. I’m sure you’ve heard of it, if you haven’t

read it by now.

5.Book of life (October 2014) – animated adventure of a young man who has to choose which

path to follow…to meet the expectations of his family or follow his own heart.

6.Into the woods (December 2014) – Disney’s musical fantasy film featuring Meryl Streep and

Johnny Depp (yes, that’s right!) which is adaptation of a Broadway musical, set in an alternate

world of various Grimm fairy tales.

7. Paddington (December 2014) – If you share passion for all things British then you already

know who Paddington is. If you don’t…then you’ll have to watch this movie 🙂

8. Frank (out already) – a comedy about a young wannabe musician who joins a band of

eccentrics led by the mysterious Frank.

9.Mortdecai (February 2014) – a new movie with Johnny Depp. That’s a good enough reason

for me to watch it!


Please share with us some more great movies to come and enjoy watching!



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