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Kayaking down the river Zrmanja


Dear reader, if you happen to be in Croatia next spring or summer, please take my advice and

 go on a rafting or kayaking trip on Zrmanja river. You will thank me later!   


Zrmanja is one of the most beautiful rivers in Europe. With its clear refreshing water, spectacular

waterfalls and awe-inspiring canyon Zrmanja is a true phenomenon in Croatia. I fell in love with

this river many years ago and ever since then it’s been my favorite destination for both adventure

and relaxation. Kayaking trips on Zrmanja river could be arranged at various agencies in Croatia,

you’ll definitely need a good guide out there, neoprene suit for the cold river water (not too

freezing though) and a good paddling partner once you take off on the safari.

I went kayaking with my friends in two person kayaks, previous experience in paddling is not

really necessary for this adventure, but a bit of sense for left-and-right and a good breakfast before

the start would be appreciated. We did the 14 kilometers ride that day!

It was a combination of calm and adventurous water and a bit of walking while taking in the

stunning scenery. So much fun, and probably our favorite trip together so far.


I loved paddling down the river Zrmanja with my friend Ines (despite the fact that we were spinning

on the water most of the time!) and taking photos of spectacular nature along the way.

Enjoy the snaps!



If you want to read about our camping click here.


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