Entertaining|Things I do:: CAMPING WITH FRIENDS

river and mountains, nature camping with friends near a rivercloudy sky above Zrmanja riverfriends spending day in nature. straw hata day in nature with friends, tree and a bug nature in croatia is beautiful   Zrmanja river and its trees  going on a kayaking trip on Zrmanja riverfull moon and dark blue sky, tall cipres tree


Camping by the river Zrmanja with my girlfriends


I left Zagreb on a Friday morning with my three high school friends (we like to call ourselves sisters,

not just because of our love & hate relationship and many years of our friendship, but because of

the unconditional love and support we have for each other and endless memories we share)

and we took a road towards our final destination – river Zrmanja. It was a lovely three hours drive

from Zagreb and a hilarious one, too! While driving towards Zrmanja river I already knew that a

great adventure is waiting for us.


Best things in life usually don’t come with price tags, so neither the camping trip with best friends.

Our tents were set by the awe-inspiring river Zrmanja just few meters from the river water and

under tall cypress trees. Zrmanja is one of the most beautiful rivers in Croatia, my all time favorite,

its magnificent canyon should definitely be seen at least once in a lifetime.

How lucky we are, that impressive setting was our home for three days and two nights.


Living outside my home country and being away from family and friends make me appreciate

certain things and moments in life a bit better.

I did have the most wonderful time with my friends, we laughed until we cried, we chatted until

sunrise but we were still up for the adventure at 8am (in my next post…), we ate and drank like

men, we relaxed in nature and reminded ourselves how little is needed in life to feel complete.



p.s. I’d like to add…

What happens in the night of the full moon…stays in the night of the full moon.



I love you Tajana, Ines and Vlatka!






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