good summer read


One of my favorite things before summer holiday is shopping for a book that I’ll take with

me on vacation. Finding good summer read is always a challenge to me.  Among hundreds

of interesting titles it’s damn hard to pick just one! Don’t you agree? Usually, before heading

to a bookstore, I do my research on new (and old) books online and once I shortlist my

favorites I go shopping. Yeah…I’m giving it quite importance because I wouldn’t want a lousy

book to accompany me during my precious summer break, oh no no no!


One of these books will be packed in my summer luggage:

{1} The Mysterious Benedict Society by Trenton Lee Stewart : Book 1 caught my attention

with its amazing illustration on the cover (by Carson Ellis) and after I read the summary of the

book I knew I must have it (for my little boy…for when he grows old enough to enjoy it). It is a

story of four gifted children who are formed into “Mysterious Benedict society” and are sent on

an investigation. The characters in the novel are all interesting and deep, the key to their success

is their teamwork, creative problem solving and the love of the truth, the book is full of neat

puzzles, clever twists and lots of fun!  Although this novel is for children (8+) I believe many

parents will enjoy reading it to their kids during summer vacation. I can not recommend it enough.

{2} In the The Husband’s Secret by Liane Moriarty one woman is challenged with a dilemma

which might change her life forever – to read her husband’s letter marked “to be opened in the event

of my death”…or not? You’ll have to read the book to find out what happened after she opened the

letter and what was her husband’s deepest and darkest secret. Intrigued?

{3} The storied life of A.J.Fikry by Gabrielle Zevin is a novel that will make you smile, laugh out loud

and cry uncontrollably. This New York Times bestseller is a tale of love, loss, friendships and books.

A.J.Fikry is an owner of a small independent bookstore on an island in New England who recently

lost his wife and is miserably drinking too much…until one day when his fortune changes because

of an abandoned child. This book is for people who love books, it is light, sweet and above all


{4} The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion is a sparkling, laugh-out-loud novel, great choice for

summer reading. The book tells a story about a professor of genetics who one day decides to get

married. He soon starts The Wife Project and meets a woman who is the least suitable candidate

(her name is Rosie), but he is fascinated by her. The Rosie Project book is full of heart and humor

and very well written. 



Which book will you read on your vacation?

Please share your favorite reads with us and have a lovely summer!



xo, Kristina






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