Travel|Featured hot spot:: SAN GIORGIO – BOHEMIAN LUXURY

Bohemian boutique hotel on Mykonos island in Greecebohemian luxury in greeceBohemian luxury in GreeceBoutique hotel on a greek islandBohemian luxury on a greek islandBohemian luxury on Mykonos island


Bohemian luxury on Mykonos island


Beyond beautiful, design hotel San Giorgio is hidden among palm trees and rocks of

Mykonos island in Greece. It is designed for travellers with distinctive and bohemian

style who are looking for an authentic experience while on vacation. San Giorgio is the

newest pop-up hotel introduced by in 2012 and a tranquil paradise for



First time I saw photos of San Giorgio hotel I said to my husband – We’re going to Mykonos!

Unfortunately the place was already fully booked so I had to choose another holiday

destination for my family and add San Giorgio to my wishlist. Until next summer.



Whether you’re on a honeymoon or just relaxing from your daily life San Giorgio hotel might

be the perfect spot for you. You can spend your whole day in hammocks by the swimming pool

or explore one of the most beautiful Greek islands famous for its white and blue houses, old

windmills, bougainvillea and stunning sandy beaches. The idea of the San Giorgio hotel is to

bring  like-minded people together in a laid-back atmosphere. Their luxury lies in the experience.


The owners of the San Giorgio hotel are Thomas Heyne and Mario Hertel, also known for their

famous Paradise club on Mykonos island. The talented duo transformed the old San Giorgio

hotel into a new luxury resort and with a modest budget and lots of creativity they created a

new hot spot. Most of its furniture and decorations are vintage, recycled and redesigned

in order to create a feeling of a home for San Giorgio visitors.


From 150 Euro per night.


..San Giorgio  Hotel Mykonos

..Design Hotels




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