Entertaining|Mood board this week:: DEEP BLUE ADRIATIC

deep blue Adriatic sea collage


Deep blue Adriatic sea


Our summer vacation countdown has officially started today. We’re counting 15 days until

we pack our light summer clothes, new books and snorkeling gear and take off to Croatia, hurrah!

With temperatures rising above 40C we’re very much in a summertime mood, but I can’t wait

for the moment when we’ll switch to vacation mood. This summer we’re going to explore one

of the islands in the Adriatic Sea – mysterious, stunningly beautiful, unspoiled and relaxed.

We’re going to Vis – “Mediterranean as it once was”.





{image sources}: sailing is one of my summer dreams, jumping in the clear blue sea on a hot
summer day, deep blue sea via linexshapexcolour, blue squid looks amazing, I need one week
vacation in a beautiful place via kinfolk, awe-inspiring view over Adriatic sea via Cereal,
what to take on summer vacation, sardines from the sea, blue and white pattern via linexshapexcolour


  1. Sailing through the Adriatic is a pleasure indeed, thanks for the wonderful mood.

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