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friday brunch with friends at The Farm, Dubai restaurant The Farm serves organic food friday brunch with friends at The Farm, Dubaifriday brunch at The Farm restaurant in DubaiFriday brunch at The Farm in Dubaifriday brunch with friends at The Farm in Dubaifriday brunch outsidefrinday brunch with friends at The Farm   friday brunch at The Farm restaurant in Dubai  happy people


Friday brunch with our friends at The Farm


Living away from the family brings you closer to your friends. We like to call each other

“our Dubai family”. It is truly a unique bunch of lovely people and dear friends who share

with us all the good and the bad. Each and every one of them is a limited edition and I feel so

lucky to have them all in our lives.


Overhere in the desert we do brunches on Fridays. Bruch is neither breakfast (we all like to

sleep a bit longer on weekend) nor lunch (too late for our rumbling stomachs), it is a

combination of both, eaten usually from 10am until 2pm and it is famed for its size.

We love our gatherings with friends especially when kids are in a happy mood and they play

nicely together. On such days our brunch can extend until afternoon hours and it can

spontaneously turn into dinner, too! (but that’s a whole other blog post…)


A while back we picked a nice family friendly restaurant for our Friday gathering, we liked

its name – The Farm. Honestly, I didn’t know what to expect from the place (except a buzzing

crowd) so it all came as a pleasant surprise to me.

The Farm is located in Al Barari residential compound which is an oasis in the desert, as

green as it can be, with beautiful  gardens and nurseries. I was wondering why I’ve never heard

of this hidden gem before?! My friends and I immediately fell in love with the place, wishing

if we could stay here for hours…And for hours we stayed!


The Farm is truly an oasis of flavor and tranquility, I felt we’re miles away from the city life

and for a change it felt so good. Within The Farm’s indoor and outdoor spaces I was able

to enjoy time with my friends, lush green surrounding and great food that was eaten leisurely,

not rushed. The Farm restaurant offers excellent menu with lots of varieties (and images of the

dishes on iPads), portions are decent and at reasonable prices. I found their drinks a bit

overpriced (coffee 25Dhs) and their home-made bread and desserts  delicious.


Everytime we say bye-bye to our friends we promise to meet again very soon. Sometimes the

pace of life doesn’t let us do what pleases us the most, as much as we would want to, and those

occasional moments shared with friends are therefore precious and unforgettable.





..The Farm

Al Barari, Opposite Falcon City
04 392 5669





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