City reports|Beirut featured:: PAPERCUP – SPECIALIZED BOOKSTORE-CAFE

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Papercup – specialized bookstore-cafe in Mar Mikhael

Very small but significant bookshop that serves one of the best coffees in downtown Beirut

has a very cool and eco-friendly name –  Papercup. It’s a unique shop that offers careful

selected collection of books, magazines, children’s reads and stationary finds. A hidden gem in

up-and-coming Mar Mikhael neighbourhood.


Papercup is a dedicated specialized bookshop where you can find excellent books on art,

fashion, architecture, design and photography, most of which are unavailable elsewhere

in town. Book titles that you can’t find on its shelves you can order at the bookshop with

complimentary shipping. Their selection of international magazines is pretty cool too with

more than 200 titles and although the place is small they made the most of its space.

There’s a coffee corner in the back where to sip coffee, eat home-made cake and enjoy your

latest purchase. The interior is bright and cosy, its simple and subtle design has been chosen

by its owner Rania Naufal and designed by FaR Architects.

Papercup is a cool little bookstore that has many fans since 2009.







{image sources}: Papercup bookshop in Mar Mikhael neighbourhood, books lined on shelves
in Papercup bookstore-cafe, books on art, design, photography and fashion, at Papercup
bookshop-cafe they serve excellent coffee, the Papercup bookshop interior is designed by Far Architects,
small bookstore overlooking Mar Mikhael street, besides books you can find nice selection of stationary finds
at Papercup shop.




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