lari i penati u zagrebuhome made cookies in lari i penatirestaurant in zagreb downtown worth visiting


Food tastes as good as home-made at Lari & Penati


Like every other capital Zagreb has many restaurants, bistros and coffee shops. But not

many are authentic, with good food and service, unique and inventive with their design.

I would dare to say when it comes to good food in Zagreb, a list of restaurants worth

mentioning (at least here on my blog) is not very long. Lari & Penati (and few others soon

to be revealed) surely stand out of the crowd.


Lari & Penati is a small restaurant and deli shop in downtown Zagreb. Its philosophy is to

serve only seasonal meals prepared with fresh ingredients and inspired by the daily visit

to the market. On the menu (which is changed daily) you can find seasonal soups, home-made

sandwiches and salads, light main courses, cakes and muffins, and all that paired with fine

wine or home-made juice. Beside exceptional meals you can buy hand-prepared delicacies like

cookies, spicy nuts, jars of jams, all labeled by hand.

The interior decor is as delightful as the food and service. Very creative wall with vintage enamel

cooking pots turned into storage system gives the whole space cosy feeling which goes well

with the cosmopolitan vibe of the restaurant.


The size of the place is a bit small so you’re lucky if you grab a place, especially around lunch

time when it’s buzzing at Lari & Penati. This thoughtfully designed space in the very center

of Zagreb provides the perfect location for meeting with family and friends.



..Lari & Penati

 Petrinjska 42, Zagreb



{image sources}: featured image – seasonal pumpkin soup; at Lari & Pelati you can have the best
sandwich in town; interior of the restaurant is very creative; Lari & Penati biscuits with cheese
and thyme; salads and other meals are prepared with only fresh ingredients at Lari & Penati; 
cookies, nuts and spices in lovely packaging.




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