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Tippi Degre is the girl who lives in African wildlife


Her childhood memories could become a great screenplay for a blockbuster movie one day.

Tippi Degre is not an ordinary girl, she was born and raised in Africa and she had a most

unusual upbringing.


Tippi’s parents, both wildlife photographers, brought up the little girl in the wildlife of African

continent. While growing up, Tippi wasn’t attending nursery or going on play dates, her favorite

playground was African desert and her best playmates were wild animals. She soon bonded with

many untamed animals including snakes, giraffes, lion cubs, crocodiles, elephants, giant

bullfrogs, cheetah, zebras and even an ostrich! Africa was the only home she had for many years

so that’s why Tippi also became friends with tribes people of Namibia.


Tippi’s parents documented her life, relationships and bonds with the wild animals of Africa

and they shared her childhood story in the book Tippi of Africa. The photographs of the little

girl playing with the African wildlife made Tippi quite famous!




Via My Modern Met






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