Entertaining|Newsflash:: EUROPEAN MUSEUM OF THE YEAR 2014


private small museum in Istanbum founded by Orhan Pamuk, turkish writer


European Museum of the Year Award 2014 goes to…

the Museum of Innocence


In only two years the Museum of Innocence attracted 70.000 visitors and won

the European Museum of the Year Award for 2014.

This small Turkish museum placed in Istanbul showcases a private  collection of

objects from day-to-day life in Istanbul in the ’60s and ’70s and a vision of a passionate

individual – it is set up by turkish writer Orhan Pamuk.


You might have never heard of the Museum itself, but I’m sure you’re very familiar with

the name of its founder – Orhan PamukMr Pamuk is a Turkish novelist and a recipient

of the Nobel prize in literature. He is also the country’s best-selling writer whose books

are translated in 60 languages. Orhan Pamuk‘s novels include The white castle, Snow,

My name is red and The Museum of Innocence, just to name a few.


The Museum of Innocence (depicted in his 2008 novel of the same name) is housed

in an old building in the Cukurcuma neighborhood in Istanbul and it displays real and

fabricated artifacts in homage both to the novel and to Pamuk’s beloved native city.

Pamuk started to collect the objects before he wrote the novel and he continued to

collect them while writing The Museum of Innocence – he conceived the novel and

the museum together. As much as this fact might be of a disappointment (for hopeless

romantics at least), the museum is definitely worth visiting.




..The Museum of Innocence
..Orhan Pamuk 



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