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The colorful world of Eric Carle


 Eric Carle is one of my very favorite children’s book authors and illustrators.

His style is so unique and he has this meticulous attention to details that

anyone familiar with his books would recognize and adore. Mr Carle’s books

are beautifully done, vibrant and colorful, his stories are unexpected, entertaining

and delightful.

I’m quite sure you know his bestseller The very hungry caterpillar, but maybe you

haven’t seen his other works. He’s written so many books for children that it’s not

easy to make a selection of the best ones. However, I picked few of my favorite books

by Eric Carle so here is the list…


List of my favorite books by Eric Carle:

{1}The very hungry caterpillar (1-6 years) – it’s an all-time favorite children’s book.

It follows the caterpillar as it grows from egg to butterfly, but also teaches

the days of the week, counting and good nutrition. I highly recommend it!

{2}Brown bear, brown bear, what do you see?  (2-5 years) – appealing colorful

animals in this book and rhyming texts help the kids learn the animals and sounds.

{3}The mixed-up chameleon (4-8 years) is an imaginative book that tells a story

about a chameleon who wished to be more like other animals and the result was


{4}Mister seahorse (3-7 years) shares stories of fish fathers who care for their

soon-to-be-hatched babies. The book has special acetate pages that hide fish

and kids love it! It’s a great story for children to learn about certain species

of animals.

{5}The artist who painted a blue horse (3-5 years)is a book for younger children,

filled with beautiful images and colors, very creative and fun. A brilliant book

for an artist in all of us.


I hope you will enjoy the books and the World of Eric Carle as much as my son

and I do. Happy reading with your little ones!



..Eric Carle





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