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santorini island in greecehouses of santorini, oia  hues of santorini white and blue  greek church on santorini islandgreek island santorini


Milky hues of Santorini

Greek island Santorini is on every list of “places we must see” in the world and I’m not

even a bit surprised it is. Santorini is with no doubt one of the most romantic getaways,

charming and symbolic of Greece with white-painted houses and striking blue roofs. It is

a sublime place like no other on our planet, with breathtaking views over the deep blue

ocean and majestic sunsets. 


I’m taking you on a magical journey to Santorini with these stunning photos by

Kate Holstein. Enjoy!



You can find more beautiful photos of Santorini on this blog.



..Kate Holstein




  1. Whooa! If one didn’t know better, these almost look like paintings.
    Please tell Kate she’s done a hell of a job. 🙂

    • Kate Holstein is an amazing photographer, I love her work. And you’re right…some of her photographs look like paintings, almost unreal.
      Thanks for dropping this msg 🙂

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