reading good books

Lately I haven’t had much time for reading books, the busier life gets, the more

magazines I read (here are my favorites). However, I like to be in the loop and

every week I get lost in one of Dubai’s great bookstores. I’ve got four books

that I can’t wait to dive into its pages:


{1} Bright Bazaar: Embracing colour for make-you-smile-style is recently

launched book by Will Taylor (man behind successful blog Bright Bazaar)

where he shares his ideas for design and decorating with colour. In his book

Will shows us how colour can transform different spaces in the home and create

a desired mood. Vivid photos, inspirational images and wonderful interior tips –

this book is a true homage to colour!

{2}Popular food blogger David Lebovitz collected and remastered French classics

in his new cookbook My Paris Kitchen, from onion soup to coq au vin. It is an

unconventional cookbook, My Paris Kitchen has more than 100 recipes and nearly

as many stories inspired from David’s life in Paris over the past decade. He reveals

to us how modern Parisians eat today.

{3}The well-written book Three sisters by Susan Mallery tells a story of three very

different women whose friendship changed their lives forever, on Blackberry island.

It is a story of individual struggles, healing and letting go. Three sisters book is charming,

with moments of humor and emotionally moving. It would be a good summer reading!

{4}A great romance story The fault in our stars by John Green will make you cry,

laugh and will definitely touch your heart. It is a beautiful story, honest ad moving,

about a sixteen years old girl with terminal cancer who meets a loving boy with

the same illness and they both face the same universal question of the human

condition – How will I be remembered? I absolutely recommend reading this book

before it hits the theaters this year in June.


Wishing you all more time for reading! xo






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