City reports|Zagreb featured:: A TALE OF ZAGREB IN SPRING

view over Zagreb and cathedral in springLion statues in Upper Town Zagreb (Gornji grad)roofs of Zagreb and flowers in springZagreb Gornji Grad, CroatiaPhotos of Zagreb in springcroatian women in national costumeCroatian National Theater in ZagrebZagreb in spring, pink cherry flowersZagren in spring, CroatiaZagreb main square Ban JelacicZrinjevac park in Zagreb, Croatia. Spring a child with red umbrella, red and black bicycle   Zagreb in spring, Croatiacoffee shops in zagreb, croatiaLake Jarun in Zagreb, CroatiaPhotos of Zagreb in spring - lake Jarun


A tale of Zagreb in spring


Zagreb in springtime looks magical. Take a walk through Zagreb in April or May and you’ll feel

like you’re walking through a garden filled with blossoming trees and colorful flowers.

It’s captivating.


Pink cherry blossoms and magnolias against the clear blue sky,  tulips in all possible colors, soft

green and moist grass, couples under the mild sun, coffee shop chairs lined on every little square

in the town, teenagers laugh in parks, fountains gurgle, mothers stroll with their babies…


Spring is the most breathtaking time of year and this magical journey is just a beginning of

a four-season tale of Zagreb.





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