Entertaining|sneak peeks:: BULY 1803 PARIS

parisian beauty shopparisian beauty shop Buly 1803french beauty shop by ramdane touhami parisian beauty shop Buly 1803 Buly 1803 in Paris, France  Paris Buly 1803 vintage design


 Parisian beauty shop Buly 1803

I’m mesmerized by a new beauty shop in Paris, created by French Moroccan designer,

reinventor, traveler and artistic director Ramdane Touhami. The beauty based retail shop

(part cosmetics shop and part perfumery) is opened on 6 rue Bonaparte in Paris and it’s

called Buly 1803 (refers to the year the house was first founded). This gorgeous space is a

throwback to the 19th century and it’s nothing like I’ve seen before.


Ramdane Touhami

 Ramdane Touhami is well-known for his extraordinary work, for reviving old brands, for

rediscovering new classics and restoring old identities. He is a fine tuner, someone who

creates ambience, places, images and designs details that matter. Check some of his previous

works here.


A step to the 19th century – step inside the Buly 1803

Buly 1803  takes its name from Jean-Vincent Bully , a famed Parisian distiller, perfumer and

cosmetician of the late 18th and early 19th century who had his own line of perfumes and

scented vinegars.

Stepping into the Buly 1803 is like entering a century old French perfumery shop or apothecary

that houses very unique perfumes, cosmetic and hair products, aromatic items as well as accessories;

a world filled with scents and history that evokes best kept beauty secrets. Beautifully packaged

products are “faithful to the old recipes” and are sourced from around the world, they all look like

the perfect souvenir to bring back from Paris. Here you’ll find something very few people will

ever know about.


Interior and decor of Buly 1803 beauty shop is originally designed with marble and woods, custom

made tiles, a dash of color and vintage-like glass jars. At the counter you’ll be warmly welcomed

and assisted with a very personal approach and fascinated by the shop people’s beauty knowledge.



Buly 1803 opened its door last month in Paris. It also opens the door to our imagination.

Do you hear the whisper?


Buly 1803
6 rue Bonaparte
75006 Paris, France


..Buly 1803 

..Ramdane Touhami




{image sources}:: featured image – via My Parisian life blog; outside the Buly 1803 shop, interior
of Buly 1803, cosmetics at Buly 1803 beauty shop and a hand cream, step inside the 19th century
at Buly 1803, interior design at the beauty shop, details at Buly 1803 makes it all different.

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