Entertaining|style icon:: JOHNNY DEPP

johnny depp style sexy style icon johnny depp johnny depp and his ex wife Vanessathe sexiest man alive Johnny Deppstyle icon Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp – as good as it gets


He won Sexiest man alive title (People Magazine, 2009), acted in more than 70 movies and

produced and directed more than few.  Johnny Depp is one of the most talented men in

Hollywood (with more than 50 awards and 3 Oscar nominations) and is still very down to

earth, he is a sweet guy with a bad boy look and more than ever…enigmatic.

Sounds unbelievable but it’s true.


It does take a very cool and unique man to get Johnny’s look which is ultimately rebellious.

He doesn’t follow any fashion trend, but sets the trend. Johnny is true to himself and doesn’t

like to be labeled. However, he has come to signify a distinct style, from his hats (fedora),

tribal necklaces, goaty and moustache, bandana on his wrist, tattoos, round glasses…to his

scarfs, skull rings (always on his hands), weary army boots and vintage-like suits. Johnny indeed

follows little to no rules, yet his style could be defined as bohemian, grungy, vintage, quirky and

sometimes elegant. His use of accessories is what makes the whole outfit – the more the better

is his rule.


It seems to me the only thing you must have to pull off Mr Depp’s look is THE ATTITUDE,

do you agree?




{image sources}:: Johnny Depp posing in a grey suit; Johnny looking good in white shirt and
eyeglasses; Johnny wearing black suit; one of Johnny’s trade marks is a hat; portrait of Mr Depp;
Johnny and his ex-wife Vanessa; young Johnny in jean shirt; Mr Depp in colorful jacket; charming
Johnny Depp in a tuxedo; his tattoos; Johnny and Amber together; Mr Depp and his new fiance.



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