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Cool crochet by Wood & Wool Stool

When someone is talented and has very good hand skills, back at home we used to say he/she

has golden hands. Today I’d like to introduce to you one very special golden-handed lady, her

name is Ingrid Jansen and she runs a little company called Wood & wool stool.

Wood & wool stool was born in 2008 when Ingrid designed her first wooden stool from recycled

wood and crocheted cover for her own home. Later on she designed lots of custom made stools

(big and small), other interior products and accessories (fashion or home) that travelled to

many destinations around the globe.

Wood & wool stool products are  unique and all hand made (by Ingrid herself!) from recycled

wood and only the finest yarn, in bright colors and with very cool patterns and designs.

The whole Wood & wool stool collection reflects Ingrid’s personality, her passion for colors,

for mix of old, vintage and new. It could be described as bohemian, playful, nostalgic and

absolutely stunning!

1. Wood & wool boucherouite rug is hand made of fabric yarn and it is inspired on Moroccan

rugs. I love the retro look that it gives to the room.

2. Oblong harlequin pillow can be made upon request in multicolor and reversible.

3. Wood & wall pegs are made of scrap wood and vintage Moroccan plastic hooks, they can

be very practical for hanging bags, hats, children’s clothes or underwear.

4. The stools are ideal to be used in the kitchen, in the bedroom as a bedside table, in the living

room or on the balcony. They can be all customised in different colors and patterns. Check this

gallery for an inspiration.

5. The garland is usually made of 10 crocheted squares (but you could request longer one, too)

and it is great for decorating parties, home or garden.

6. Beautifully designed (baby) blanket would make a perfect baby shower gift. It’s almost as

unique as a baby!

7. Crocheted hanger cover for baby’s clothes not to be spoiled. Cute, so cute…

8. These lovely baby cardigans are crocheted of 100% merino wool for the softest baby skin.

9. Wood & wool hearts in soft or bright colors would be so nice hanging in a girl’s room, on a

balcony or in a hallway.

10. Wood & wool sign is made of recycled wood stamped with whatever text you want (just keep

it short!)

Please have a look at Wood & wool stool website  or Etsy shop where you can find all the lovely products.

Wool is cool, isn’t it?

..Wood & Wool Stool
..Wood & Wool Stool on Etsy
(image sources}: all photos via Wood & wool stool

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