City reports|Dubai:: A4 SPACE FOR INSPIRED MINDS

Alserkal Avenue for art lovers New hub in Dubai for like-minded people

New cultural destination – A4 Space


In the heart of Dubai’s industrial and gallery district (Alserkal Avenue in Al Quoz), a new hub for

artistic and inspired minds has been recently opened. It is simply called A4 Space. 



Alserkal Avenue got another cool space within its warehouses, only this time it is a mindspace

created with one great idea behind it – to bring people together through arts, literature, music,

theater, design and various ideas. A4 Space provides an opportunity for like-minded people in

Dubai to meet, share, collaborate, connect and work in its multi-purposed areas.

A4 Space is hosting a cinema screening room with most comfortable beanbag chairs , project space 

available for to hire, Appetite cafe with fast Wi-Fi and communal tables, concept store (Stories) that

offers unusual selection of design products for women, men and children and a book collection 

displayed on the bookshelves lined on the wall with inspirational quotes.


A4 Space is an innovative space, new cultural destination for the public and it is free.


..Alserkal Avenue
..A4 Space


{image sources}: Images of A4 Space via, Khaleej Times and Mena Post.

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