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spring summer 2014 manifesto vintage collection bobo choses manifesto vintage collection

New vintage collection Manifesto from Bobo Choses

Bobo Choses is one of my all time favorite brands when it comes to kids fashion. Their latest

vintage collection called Manifesto is playful with lots of prints and patterns and it brings the best

colors in town for your little one to wear. I’m very much in love with their Manifesto collection, as

much as I am with this one!


This Spanish brand speaks the language of children. Bobo Choses was created in 2008 by two

spanish art directors who wanted to design comfortable, playful and colorful clothes for children

with poetic and imaginative prints, something that every boy or a girl would love to wear. Their

collections are always fun, unique and meaningful for children and at the same time affordable to

parents, made with love, care and passion for the little ones.

Bobo Choses is not only about fashion, the brand also helps children in need with their project so how could you not love them?


You can purchase Bobo Choses clothes and accessories in some of the most renowned

department stores and shops in over 30 countries from around the world or online.


Bobo Choses message: Have Fun!



..Bobo Choses


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