City reports|Zagreb featured:: MS STUDIO + BOTTEGA FOR A PERFECT HOME

martina stritof and ms studio + boutique ms studio and bottega furniture at ms showroom in zagreb beautiful furniture for home from ms studio zagrebms studio + bottega in zagrebinterior design ms studio and boutique  ms studio + bottega in zagreb ms studio + bottega in zagreb

MS Studio + Bottega for people with distinguished style


MS Studio + Bottega is relatively new stylish destination in Zagreb for everything for your

living or working space.

It’s not just another shop, it is a STUDIO where the lovely owner Martina Stritof and her team

work professionally and passionately to develop plans on all types of interior and landscape

design; it is a BOTTEGA (creative workshop in Italian) where creative ideas are born and turned

into reality; it is also a SHOWROOM where beautiful pieces of furniture and accessories are

displayed to give you an idea of a perfectly designed home. In two words…it is a fabulous space!


At MS Studio+Bottega you’ll be greeted and welcomed by the sweetest dog Eda and her owner 

Martina. If you stay long enough, you’ll also be served the best coffee in town (that’s how I became

espresso lover!). Martina, who is a landscape architect and interior designer, will help you design

and create whatever it is you have dreamed of for your perfect home.

After living and working in Italy for ten years and roaming the globe Martina is full of innovative

and creative ideas for the most desirable designs and soul-soothing interiors and she brings only

the highest quality brands to your little piece of heaven like Danish Bloomingville, Belgian Flamant,

French Marie’s Corner and Manuel Canovas , British Farrow&Ball and many others.


If you want to know what services MS Studio+Bottega can offer check their website or if you want to

see some of the great items they’re selling, plan a visit to the shop in downtown Zagreb.



MS Studio+Bottega
Boškovićeva 24, Zagreb


..MS Studio+Bottega



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