Trieste in Italy Italy Trieste in Italy This is Italy Italy Italy Trieste in Italy colorful buildings in Italy Trieste in Italy Italy blue flowers Italy and Italians flower stand in Italy streets of trieste in italy Trieste in Italy

Trieste – mysterious Italian city


Tucked inside the Slovenian border, in the northwest of Italy, lies Trieste .  This medium size

seaport once used to be a favorite shopping destination for Slovenians and Croatians (during

their communist days) and overcrowded on weekends. Today Trieste is unlike any other city in

Italy – it is mysterious and puzzling, it lacks intensive tourism but not life, it is melancholic in its

own way but charming and it has, probably, the finest coffee in Italy (Illy has its HQ here).


Triestini embrace life with a passion and they have great sense for humor. They also love to eat

meat (more than pasta) and to drink coffee. They easily make friends and they all drive motorcycles.

Simple living is what it is all about!


In the past Trieste was part of Austro-Hungarian Empire, hence the architecture from the time

of Habsburgs that dominates the city. Heart of the city makes Piazza Dell’Unita d’Italia and its

elegant and monumental buildings with numerous cafes where Triestini come to sit and soak the

daily drama at the end of the workday. Canal Grande passes through the main pedestrian zone

and it’s another heart of the city with some of the best osterias (small cosy restaurants) run by

Italian families.

I enjoyed walking through narrow, paved streets of the Old Town while discovering its glorious

architecture and ethnic influences.

Summer months in Trieste are packed with cultural events and festivals while winter time is

more quiet and melancholic.



Trieste has often been neglected by guidebooks and tourists who usually rush to nearby Venice,

but once you come visit Trieste you will not go away unsatisfied. You’ll be culturally enriched,

wonderfully well fed, caffeine reinforced and rewarded by an unforgettable experience.



Follow these tips for an unusual Trieste city break:

..jump on the vintage No 2 Tram for wonderful views of the city and Adriatic sea

..sit for a while in one of numerous cafes and soak the vibe of the city (order Illy coffee)

.. learn few words in Triestino (local) dialect while greeting  people in shops and restaurants

..try small dishes in one of family-run osterias 

..stroll down the pedestrian streets by the old Jewish ghetto and look for newly opened Chocolat

to taste their out-of-this-world gelati (ice cream)

..grab a table on the floating deck on the water of picturesque Canal Grande at Caffe Rossini

and watch the stylish Italians passing by and the sun set





    Amazing photos; they are extremely engaging.

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