Entertaining|Mood board this week:: BREAKFAST IN BED

inspirational board breakfast in bed


Breakfast in bed is always a good idea


Maybe it’s because of these  crazy weather changes in Dubai in the last couple of weeks or…

maybe because of the fact that I can’t stay in bed later than 6am, when I need to get up to

prepare my little boy for school or…maybe just because I like breakfasts in bed is why I’m

in the mood for laziness this week. Must be all of it!


Enjoy your long and lazy mornings when you get a chance…I’ll be doing it very soon

(vacation is coming!).


{image sources}: stranger drinking coffee, wild flowers, sweets in bed, nothings is more
refreshing than fresh juice in the morning via kinfolk, empty fields via cereal, fog and forest
via cereal breakfast in bed is always a good idea, empty chair via kinfolk, eggs in a pan via
kinfolk, bread crust via cereal.

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