Best independent magazines

Do you like reading magazines? I do. I still (despite digital media) like the thrill of opening

a brand new magazine to see what undiscovered stories and photos await. Since I was a

small girl, buying a new magazine was kind of highlight of my week, but nowadays I find it

less appealing and pleasurable due to pages and pages of advertising. However, I do love

reading magazines and these days I find myself being attracted to magazines that are more

about an aesthetic and lifestyle and less about a particular subject.


Here is my list of lesser-known magazines you must check:


{1} Kinfolk – A magazine about gathering with friends and family to enjoy simple,

mouthwatering food and memorable times. Kinfolk is ad-free print magazine that

gathers ideas from international artists, photographers, cooks, writers, designers and

others with a purpose to inspire its readers for new things to cook, make and do. It is

filled with amazing photography, personal stories and delicious recipes for small

gatherings. Kinfolk is a blueprint for balanced, international lifestyle.

kinfolk and a mint cake cool lifestyle magazine for cool people

{2} Milk – it’s not just for kids! Milk magazine is a French fashion and lifestyle magazine

for contemporary kids and parents who want to pass on a genuine education that also

helps children to develop a taste for beautiful things. Beautifully done, it has lovely interior

inspiration and photos in general. There’s a magazine, a website and a blog.

Enjoy your cup of Milk!

french lifestyle magazine for contemporary families MILK French lifestyle magazine for contemporary families - Milk

{3} ColorsCOLORS magazine shows the world to the world. Since 1991 when the

magazine is created it carries the same message: diversity is good. Colors looks at social

issues by following them around the world and tells a story through a first-person

interviews and unforgettable images. It is translated into over 15 languages and its

88 issues have received good press, bad press, fan letter, hate mail and censorship,

but it’s never been gratuitous. Colors is for eyes and minds wide open.

Colors magazine to show the world to the world

{4} Frankie – It is an Australian magazine with all the latest news, trends and events.

Frankie speaks directly to the reader, it contains great affordable fashion, sweet art,

interesting reads, real people and pretty photography and everything else worth checking

out. Australian title won Australian Magazine of the Year and Australian Fashion Magazine

of the Year award in 2012, so frankly speaking…it’s a must.

lifestyle magazine FrankieAustralian magazine Frankie, valentine tape

5. Anorak – Happy magazine for kids called Anorak is for boys and girls aged between

6 and 12 years old. Unlike magazines of today, Anorak isn’t a throwaway publication,

it is designed to be collected and kept. Anorak is filled with interesting stories written and

illustrated by the most exciting contemporary illustrators, a “good stuff” guides, games

and some fun activities. Its main philosophy is to encourage children to use their imagination

and creativity, to educate while having fun. What else? The magazine smells really nice

because it’s printed on a real recycled paper with real vegetable ink.

Magazine for kids aged 6 to 12Magazine for boys and girls aged 6 to 12 years old

{6) The Gentlewoman – The magazine is about real modern women of style and purpose,

real events and real things that are enjoyed in life. The Gentlewoman celebrates inspirational

women and focuses on their personal style – the way they actually look, dress and think.

The magazine features ambitious journalism and high quality photography biannually.

magazine for woman with style: Gentlewoman magazine for women with style : The Gentlewoman

{7} Anthology – I was thrilled to stumble upon Anthology magazine couple of years ago

because it’s pages encompass all that is creative, thoughtful and beautiful. Anthology is

full of topics celebrating all the pretty things about life – travel, design, entertaining,  home

decor, culture and so much more, accompanied with stunning photography and compelling

graphics. Each magazine issue is centered around a theme and packed with interesting

features, there’s a lots of great content with a limited number of ads, another reason why

I love it.

lifestyle magazine Anthology lifestyle magazine Anthology

{8} Sweet Paul Magazine – Have you seen Sweet Paul blog yet? Sweet Paul Magazine

is based on the highly successful blog by Paul Lowes who inspires his followers/readers with

delicious and easy to follow recipes, elegant and simple crafts for adults and fun and

colorful crafts for kids. The magazine has beautiful photography, design, typography

and all other good stuff that makes a magazine worth reading. Check his website and you

will understand why Sweet Paul Magazine is one of the most read magazines online.

There’s also Sweet Paul Magazine for Kids.

magazine by Sweet Paul for crafts, cooking and kids

{9} Cereal – Travel and lifestyle magazine with stunning photography, but when I say

stunning I really mean STUNNING! Cereal is about travel destinations, food, products

and all things relevant, interesting or simply amusing. Each topic is treated as a chapter

and each volume is published quarterly. There’s also a collection of online travel guides

by Cereal with guides to 10 cities around the world.

Travel and lifestyle magazine : Cereal Travel and lifestyle magazine : Cereal

{10} Extra Curricular –  is more of a journal than magazine, it’s about folks who get

creative with their spare time. If you’re one of them, you will love this beautifully

illustrated and photographed magazine and everything it has to offer –  inspiring

interviews, processes and spaces of creative people, delicious recipes, useful tips

and creative ideas. Extra Curricular is for and about creative minds who care about

the world and what they’re putting out into it, for everyone who has passion about making

and doing. It is published three times a year.magazine for creative folks : Extra Curriculamagazine for creative folks : Extra Curricula

All of these magazines are beautiful and completely worth the subscription, they all share

the foundation of inspiring content, good writing and beautiful images, yet they’re all

different in overall aesthetic. I hope you’ve found something that suits your preferences,

you can’t go wrong.



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  2. Great blog post! You obviously have good taste. I also suggest checking out Glory Days magazine, it’s New Zealand’s only Vintage lifestyle publication.

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