artistic and fun easter eggs pastel hues for easter eggs coloring and decorating eggs for easter decorating eggs for easter

Easter traditions

Easter is coming! I’m very excited…and not just because of coloring eggs and endless

crafting. Easter for me is also about family and friends gathering and arrival of Spring,

so who wouldn’t be as excited as a little chick ready to hatch?!

As the countdown to Easter begins I’m looking for some cute ideas for decorating eggs,

sorting through my favorite recipes for Easter baking and planning our trip to Croatia.

Happy days are coming, I can tell you!


I’ve found some nice ideas online for decorating Easter eggs, some of them are very

simple and easily done, some require drawing skills and others could be great fun for

the whole family to gather and get creative. Kids in our family are specially excited

around Easter time because they enjoy all the Easter crafts, traditional baking, egg hunt,

decorating eggs and finally… egg fight. Oh yes, that’s the most thrilling tradition in the family!

In just few minutes all the efforts put in coloring and decorating Easter eggs are crashed

right in front of my eyes, but once you see those gleaming eyes and big smiles on everyone’s

face you just forget about all those efforts, you pick the hardest egg and you join the fight!


What is your Easter tradition at home? I’d like to hear about it, please do share it with us…


Let the Spring get into your home, happy decorating!


{image sources}: [Featured image: pastel eggs in a basket]Eggs with mustache,
Black and white eggs for Easter, why not?!, Decal Eggs by Martha Stewart, Pastel eggs,
Dressed up eggs,  Papier Mache Nest for eggs,  botanical eggs by Martha Stewart, 
Plain eggs in a colorful basket looking lovely via wood&wool stool, Keep it simple with
no colors, just plain eggs arrangement.

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