new cookbooks and good reads

With the arrival of Spring I’m inspired to read new books, especially

cookbooks, to test new recipes and bring colors to our dining table.

Year 2014 seems to be a good one for some of my favorite bloggers

whose books are about to be out soon, exciting times indeed!

My book wish list for this month includes:

{1} A kitchen in France by Mimi Thorisson. My favorite food blogger

(Manger) whose style always amazes me and inspires me to do more

& better  has a new cookbook, actually her first. Congrats on that!

Food has always been a passion for Mimi and she easily creates the

most delicious dishes in her farmhouse in Medoc, France, using

wonderful ingredients from local farmers. Apart being a chef, Mimi is

a mother to (soon) five kids and a step mum to two teenagers. Together

with her husband Oddur (photographer and art director who took all

the photos in the Mimi’s cookbook)  they take care of 14 dogs!

Mimi’s family is her greatest inspiration and motivation for cooking

and in this wonderful book she’s sharing her secret recipes with us.

A kitchen in France is available for pre-order here.

{2} A Beautiful Mess Happy Handmade Home by Elsie Larson and

Emma Chapman (bloggers of A Beautiful Mess) is an inspiring guide

to decorating, crafting and painting your home and turning it into

cheerful living space. This loving duo believes that the best things in

life are homemade. I couldn’t but agree with Elsie and Emma. Available

for pre-order here.

{3}If you haven’t already seen arts and crafts by Geninne Zlatkis you

should check her beautiful and inspiring blog first (Geninne’s Art Blog)

before getting her equally amazing book Making an Impression: Designing

& Creating Artful Stamps. The book includes 20 beautiful projects on stamp

making, inspirations and directions that are easy to read and follow.

With Geninne’s book you’ll be very soon putting your own stamp on

everything from paper to fabric.

{4} From the creator of Sweet Paul Magazine  comes this gorgeous debut book

called Eat&Make filled with seductively easy recipes and sophisticated but

easy to do DIY crafts that will inspire all readers. Paul has been a food and craft

stylist for more than twenty years and now he’s giving us a book that will keep

us happy for long times. Available for pre-order here.


Enjoy your cooking, crafting and reading! xxx



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