City reports|Zagreb featured:: THE LAUBA ART HOUSE

Art house in Zagreb in Croatia Art house in Zagreb Croatia Art house Lauba in Zagreb Coffee shop in Lauba museum in Zagreb

Contemporary art gallery Lauba

The Lauba House is set in a former military riding arena that is adapted to the specific

needs of the contemporary art works. It is a place for experiencing, learning, entertainment

and social interaction. Lauba has been nominated for “European museum of the year

award 2014” and my suggestion to you is…find out why.


People and art house

Lauba is a privately owned art gallery that is housing  Filip Trade Collection, works

by modern and post modern Croatian artists. The exhibitions change every month or so

and there is always something interesting to see and experience. The fabulous concept

of Lauba is very simple: bring young people and art together, surround them with positive

vibe and feel their growth.


Bistro Lauba

Bistro Lauba is a blend of art and food, it’s a unique place fabulously designed by

Morana Vlahovic, a place that offers seasonal food, signature bread and only best wines.

They organize Saturday brunches (Laubica brunch) for families and art workshops for

children, with special prices on brunch menu so it’s worth trying.



{image sources}: featured image by Emmanuelle Bluman


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