Entertaining|Things I do:: LOST AND FOUND…PENGUIN!

dress up penguin costume penguin costume inspired by lost and found booklost and found by oliver jeffers book for childrenpenguin costume for kidspenguin costume for the world book day  dress up as penguinlost and found and penguin costume for world book day 

Dress up and celebrate the World Book Day

On March 6th 2014 is the World Book Day and children around the world will be going to

school dressed as their favorite book character. Here, I share with you a sneak peek of

what my little bookworm will wear tomorrow for the dress up day and which book was our

inspiration for the costume.


Lost and found

oliver jeffers book for children: lost and found

I’ve already blogged about some great books by Oliver Jeffers but Lost and Found is my

four years old son’s favorite.  I bought Lost and Found book for Alex when he was too little

for reading, maybe 1 year old,  but I fell in love with its story and beautiful illustrations

so I purchased the book anyways and kept it on his bookshelf for a while before reading it

to him for the first time. Three years after… and Lost and Found was his favorite book!

When we learned about the World Book Day at school, Alex told me without too much

thinking, he’ll be the character from the Lost and Found book. I loved the idea. I thought

of the boy…but he thought of the penguin! Kids are always full of surprises…aren’t they?


With the temperature rising up to 30C these days, getting the whole penguin costume made

of polyester fake fur didn’t seem like a good idea, so we went only for the penguin hat.

The rest was improvisation in B&W:  black tights (I bought them in girls section), striped grey

and black t-shirt with longs sleeves and white cotton t-shirt on top, black socks and…here comes

the penguin, easy peasy!


If you’re still looking for cute or fancy costume ideas for the World Book Day…check these

costumes or some costume-making tips and tricks here.

Dress up and have lots of fun!


..Oliver Jeffers

..World Book Day



  1. Camille

    Fabulous book indeed. A favorite in our household too. You should get the DVD, it’s adorable.
    Have fun tomorrow. Love the costume.

    • Hello Camille,
      Thank you, you’re so sweet! My son had lots of fun today, they did a great job for the World Book Day at school. I only wish I saw more book characters than superheros..
      Oh, and we do have the Lost and Found DVD…I would say it’s beyond adorable! Fabulous animation.
      Talk to you soon!

  2. Oh gosh, he’s so sweet little penguin 🙂

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