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Horse theme party

You don’t have to have a barn to throw a horse theme party (or pony theme party)!

It would have been great if you had one, but the horse theme party could be equally fun

if thrown at home, in a garden, park or orchard. Let me share with you a couple of my

favorite parties with the horse theme and few very cool and creative ideas from moms

around the globe…


What you need for a horse theme party

Planning a party can be equally fun as throwing it! (I tend to forget that sometimes…)

My advice to you is: keep it simple, with just few decorations, get (or make) a lovely

birthday cake that will make the birthday boy/girl really happy and few fun games for

all the children. Don’t overdo it, after all it’s about the celebration, not the food and

decorations. However, when it comes to party planning I like when it is done in style

and with attention to details (even if no one else cares about them!)


You’ll need a birthday cake, of course! Whatever recipe you’ll follow, you could simply

decorate the cake with a horse and a cute bunting. It goes for a boy or a girl.

Then you’ll need some party food and decorations. Nowadays you can find all kinds of

goodies and decorations in party supplies shops. Or…you can get crafty and make your own,

children will have lots of fun makinghobby horsescaramelized apples, cardboard horse stable, 

and caramel popcorn, just to suggest few.

And finally, you should come up with few games for the children. If you can’t afford offering

pony rides in your backyard, you could dress up dad (for example) in a horse costume and let

him play the part of pony or bunking bronco.

Depending on the ages of the kids, you could organise horse races where one child rides on

the back of another child. You could also entertain them by making stick horses following

these instructions. Musical chairs with western music, pin-the-tail on the horse and horse

coloring pages could be fun, too.


Hope you’ll enjoy the horse party, neigh neigh!!


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