Al Fahidi historical neighbourhood

Al Fahidi neighbourhood, previously known as Bastakiya, is an area built around

Dubai’s creek which is turned into a tourist attraction since 2005. It is at a short walking

distance from Al Fahidi Fort and Dubai Museum – it is a must-visit place in Dubai.


Beautiful and tranquil Al Fahidi area is known for its famous wind towers, for the narrow

winding roads and houses built in the old style, gorgeous courtyards, art galleries and

secluded restaurants. The significant artistic event Sikka Art Fair takes place in Al Fahidi

every year during the Dubai Art Week. (Art week 2014)

art galleries in bastakiyastreets of al fahidi historical neighbourhoodart gallery in al fahidi neighbourhood in dubaial fahidi is former bastakiya white and blue art cafe garden restaurant in former bastakiya quarter, dubairestaurant in bastakiyaal fahidi (former bastakiya) neighbourhood in dubai     shops in al fahidi, former bastakiyaal fahidi neighbourhood in bastakiyarestaurant that serves camel meet in bastakiya 

For some visitors Al Fahidi (former Bastakiya) is a place too quiet for their taste, but to

me it’s the heart of Dubai and it’s the kind of place I like…secluded, tranquil and artistic.

So you should set your expectations on a different mode when you go visit Al Fahidi

Historical Neighbourhood, this place is far from Dubai downtown or JBR’s noise and crowd.

Here time passes slowly.  You can easily spend the whole afternoon strolling round small

streets and colorful (mostly souvenir) shops, sipping arabic tea or coffee in one of the restaurants,

gallery hopping or just reading a book without being distracted by the hectic world outside

the Al Fahidi walls.


There are some gems to be found in Al Fahidi:

Art Galleries, like The Majlis Gallery and XVA gallery, are true heaven for artists and

art lovers alike.

Boutique hotels Orient guesthouse and XVA Art hotel for solace-seeking guests who want to

escape busy Dubai.

XVA cafe and Arabian Tea House Cafe (formerly Basta Arts Cafe) ideal for a relaxed lunch

or snack.


If you want to visit this little treasure you’d better hurry before summer heat strikes again.

The Dubai summer sun is not a best friend of this outdoor area.

Once there, take your time…


..Dubai Museum
..Sikka Art Fair 
..The Majlis Gallery in Al Fahidi 
..Orient guesthouse


  1. Ovo mi je pre. Obavezna stanica next time (once again), Super fotke kao uvijek. Stvarno znaš potaknuti želju. Ali ne treba me puno nagovarati….

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