A former water tower turned into a funky hotel

Dutch hotel and restaurant

Villa Augustus in Dordrecht (Netherlands) is a hotel and a restaurant surrounded by

celebrated gardens, situated in a former water tower just 15-min walk from Dordrecht

historic center. It’s one of the most funky places I’ve ever seen.

Beautifully decorated room in hotel Villa Augustus in DordrechtGreen color in the hotel Villa Augustus in Dordrecht  Villa Augustus in Dordrecht NetherlandsDutch design hotel Villa Augustus in Dordrecht

Villa Augustus has 37 beautifully decorated rooms, no two rooms are identical (20 rooms

in the water tower and 17 in the garden) with a breathtaking view over orchards and Dordrecht.

And there are two special rooms in the Villa – the Lantern room, high up in the tower,

and the room in Giardino segreto, like a summer-house in a secret garden. Villa Augustus Hotel

is decorated in a mix of styles, giving the Hotel its own specific atmosphere. Some of the original

historic materials are preserved in the Villa and mixed with industrial-style furniture, Warhol prints

or botanical paintings  reflecting the herbal garden and orchards outside. Villa Augustus is colorful,

homey, comfortable and very unique in so many ways.


Villa Augustus Restaurant

Restaurant and Cafe in Villa Augustus in Netherlands Interior design in Villa Augustus in Dordrecht  Interior of dutch design hotel Villa Augustus

In the middle of the vegetable garden of Villa Augustus there’s a restaurant, where visitors

and employees get in touch with the  seasons. Its menu with limited number of dishes changes

weekly and the only permanent item on the menu is pizza from the woodoven. Sometimes

dishes change daily!


Villa Augustus Garden

Former water tower turned into a hotel Villa AugustusHotel in Dordrecht Villa Augustus and its garden

The heart of Villa Augustus is its gorgeous garden. This organic garden mixes color,

form and flora. Several of the rooms open directly on to the garden and guests can enjoy

the view and smell of beautiful flowers, fruit trees and rows of vegetables – it does feel like

you’re sleeping and eating in a garden! Thought the plot doesn’t produce enough for the

restaurant and all its guests, it serves as an inspiration to the chefs and keeps them in touch

with the season.


Villa Augustus Market Cafe

Colorful Market in hotel Villa Augustus Dutch design hotel and Market shop in Villa Augustus in Dordrecht Organic food in Villa Augustus restaurant

Near the entrance of Villa Augustus’ Restaurant is the Market Cafe, a place where you

can buy seasonal fruits, vegetables and home-made products that are used in Villa Augustus

itself, you can enjoy drinks at the bar, delicious breakfast or a meal and coffee with a home

made cake or biscuits. There’s also a small gift & souvenir shop where you can buy all kinds

of pretty stuff like books, seeds, fresh flowers, home decorations, etc. They sell a bit of everything

for everyone’s taste.


From the moment guests enter Villa Augustus it offers one wonderful surprise after another!


{image sources}: via Villa Augustus and via wood&wool stool.


..Villa Augustus Dordrecht


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