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Tawlet by Souk el Tayeb serves local organic foodrestaurant tawlet by souk el tayeb in beirut, lebanon

Tawlet in Beirut, LebanonTawlet restaurant by Souk El Tayeb, LebanonTawlet by Souk el Tayeb in Lebanon


Tawlet – the farmer’s kitchen

Tawlet (“table” in Arabic) is a farmer’s kitchen of Souk El Tayeb – the farmer’s market.

This restaurant, in up-and-coming Mar Mikhael neighborhood, is a truly unique concept –

every day it hosts different producer/cook from Lebanon who prepares a typical dish from

his region using only natural organic and seasonal products, so the food tastes as good as


Usually Tawlet is buzzing with young creative crowd who come for the laid-back atmosphere,

and simple, like-home-made, rustic dishes. It’s a place where old Lebanon meets new and the mix

of both made Tawlet a hot spot of Beirut. There’s a huge communal table in the middle of the

restaurant to drive people around it so they can share in a meal and/or stories.

Their Friday brunches are fantastic, food from different regions of Lebanon is displayed on

tables as part of the all-you-can-eat buffet. It’s an excellent way to try new Lebanese flavours

and cooking methods, so this place is a must visit for foodies, in Beirut or Ammiq.


Souk el Tayeb (“the good market”)

It was the first farmers market to open in Lebanon, back in 2004. Today, every Saturday

morning, it is the most visited spot in downtown Beirut at the Beirut Souks. Souk el Tayeb

is both good in taste and character, it celebrate food and traditions, it also supports small

farmers and producers and the culture of sustainable agriculture. Souk el Tayeb’s weekly

farmers market hosts around  100 small producers from all over Lebanon who offer fresh

seasonal products and organic produce like fruits and vegetables, dairy products, mouneh

(preserved food), ready-to-eat food and sweets and traditional handmade crafts. The Souk

also has a section for kids used for educational and entertainment activities like seed planting,

storytelling, arts and crafts, etc.


The Souk el Tayeb motto: Make Food, Not War.


If you’re in Beirut and you’re hungry for true flavors of Lebanon, this is the place you have to visit!


{image sources}: [Featured image via linexshapexcolor Fresh salad and restaurant Tawlet in Mar Mikhael Beirut, Restaurant Tawlet in Beirut, Beautiful interior of Tawlet|arak bottle, delicious traditional Lebanese food in Tawlet,Tawlet in Ammiq
..Souk El Tayeb


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