Discover the art of storytelling

I can hardly imagine that reading can be boring to some children, while having thousands

of beautifully illustrated and fun written children books out there! However, there are

some little boys and little girls who are not crazy-in-love with books (that’s ok, too!), so this

post might give you an idea (if you’re looking for one) how to encourage your little ones

to fall in love with books and reading – through storytelling with story boxes.

Circus story box for storytelling

Story box Circus by Janod helps inspire creative, imaginative play in your little one.


Story boxes

I love children books, I’ve always have and I always will. I enjoy very much reading to my 4 yrs

old son who is already a big fan of picture books. Reading to our little ones is a lifetime investment

in our children and what can be more fun than acting out the story while sharing it with your kids?

Storytelling with story boxes is definitely more fun, both for the little children and for the storyteller.

Story boxes make storytelling more interactive and hands-on, they helps children develop early

language skills, re-storytelling and imagination.

The girl who loved danger - story box by Steve Light for storytelling

Steve Light’s Story boxes books help you and your children act out the classic fairy tales

and folk tales like Hansel&Gretel, The girl who loved danger, Rapunzel and Little one inch

and bring them to life. Usually each story box includes hand-painted resin characters and

other unique props as well as booklets designed by award-winning teacher, author and

illustrator Steve Light.

Hansel and Gretel story box for story telling  Storytelling can be fun with Story Boxes by Steve Light

Storytelling can be fun with story box like this - Fire station

Story box Firefighters by Janod contains 15 wooden pieces that will help you creating

your own fire rescue team in no time. The Firefighters box is designed to be used during

play as well.

storytelling with story boxes by tiphaine mangan

Vintage inspired Story boxes by the French designer Tiphaine Mangan via

French Bazaar.


Craft project – story box

Your children can also make their own story boxes with your little help. That would be a

really cool craft project for a weekend, what do you think of it?  You can get inspired here,

here , here and here.


Enjoy  playtime with your children and let your imagination take them away!


..Steve Light can shop for Steve Light’s Story boxes here can shop for Tiphaine Mangan story boxes here
..French Bazaar

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